Having over 25 years of experience in the Engineering and Construction fields with extensive design and consulting engineering background and over fifteen years of working experience with leading Turkish,  US and European design and consulting partners and having clients ranging from CIS countries  to middle east, Caucuses and the military works completed for the USACE in Europe, Iraq and Afghanistan, URAL  Engineering    has  gathered a  vast  working  experienced with  varying international  design codes, requirements and site specific  conditions.  URAL teams made up of expert engineers,  and supervisors and construction managers, can handle mid to large scale multi discipline Consulting Design and Design and Build projects. URAL   Engineering has the capacity to undertake Consulting, Architecture and Engineering Design works in Turkey, Russia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East, Mid Asia Balkans and the Caucuses.

In order to cope with the changing requirements of the New Global Markets and increasing demand to one stop solution providers in the Construction Sector, design firms and the contractors have begun to merge or work in close relation as partners of a multi faceted investment and development projects civil or military. Moreover, for the New Age Retail Customers’ requirements for fast response to their changing and increasing demands ranging from Shopping Complexes, Resorts,  Hotels, Hospitals, Offices etc., in the CIS countries, Turkey, Caucuses, Balkans, Middle East and Mid Asia. URAL provides  the state of the art engineering design necessary to build these facilities. To have the detailed design and optimized Architectural and Engineering solutions for the requirements of the users, new era contractors has to be more than conventional builders than managers of a multi disciplined and multi-partnerships project environments.

URAL’s Design & Consulting capability combined with its expert local and Turkish sub-consultant companies is an asset for the projects it undertakes. A well-structured and pre-engineered task focused team set up and evaluation of project requirements and risks are the major assets of URAL.


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