U R A L Engineering Co. Inc., is established in January 1991 in Ankara. The founders of the firm are Mr.  Orhan Ural, MSCE and Mr. Süreyya Ural, BSCE, MBA.  Mr. Orhan Ural is the founder and 25 years General manager and the CEO of  a well known Turkish Consulting Engineering   firm  Gemaş  Inc. which was Turkey’s leading infrastructure,  dam, airfield, roads and Motorways design and Consulting  firm. Mr. O.  Ural took part and led a large force of engineers and architects in rendering studies, design and consulting  services for a great number of government, military and industrial investment projects. He is the Honorary Member and the Founder of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects Association and Mr. O.Ural is currently retired and holds Honorary Adviser for the Board.

When URAL Engineering   was established  as a core specialty Engineering  and Architectural Consulting Company, it had the advantage of having the experience of its partners at its disposal and possessing a large archive of technical documents of a variety of completed projects. In full tandem  with this experience,  URAL Engineering has the capabilities of utilizing the latest computer aided  design, drafting and  computing methods, software and  output  peripherals. Ural Engineering  Co., is capable of carrying out engineering services  in all  phases of project conception, design and construction.

Mr.  A.  Süreyya Ural,  who  became the  director of  the company in 1996,  established  efficient and flexible core teams that can carry out large projects by demand bases expandable task forces. This allows URAL Engineering   to operate on a cost effective and competitive  budgets. The company’s dedication to  quality  work  and  is  assured regardless of the size of the project, by its dedication to detail and utilization  state of the art technologies as well as experienced consultants when necessary.


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